Does Your SQL Server Have Performance Issues?

Find out with the database health monitor


Database Health Monitor is a powerful performance monitoring and diagnostics solution that shows administrators server health, performance or availability problems within their SQL Server environment, all from a central console.

Helping Administrators Perform Monitoring Faster

From the historic wait stats monitoring the instance level reports that give a quick overview of your SQL Server, the Database Health Monitor helps you monitor and quickly understand the health of your database. The performance monitoring is built for people with one or hundreds of SQL Servers to quickly check on the status, find problems, and to remedy those problems.

Save time database tuning with the Database Health Reports

Database overview including backups, disk space, duplicate indexes, index fragmentation, long running queries, one time use queries, plan cache, queries needing params, statistics, stored procs with the most logical writes, and unused indexes.

The server overview includes connections by database, CPU usage, page reads by database, page writes by database, plan cache by database, queries needing params, waits and more.

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The Database Health Monitor is a free tool for you to use to monitor your SQL Server environments.  There is no limit to the number of servers you can monitor.  Download Now

What’s in the tool?

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Steve StedmanDatabase Health Monitor is a tool built by Steve Stedman to help SQL Server administrators find the performance issues or bottlenecks on SQL Server.  The tool started as a way to help gather metrics for our own environments in 2010 and we have added to it and ensure it continues to work in the latest versions of SQL Server.  The tool is now available for free.


We know you will benefit from using this tool to monitor your environments.  If this works for you and helps, great!  If you would be so kind and tell others about, you have our thanks.

Download Database Health Monitor and do all your own performance monitoring.
Download for free now…

If you need help, we offer a performance evaluation to review the results of the Database Health Monitor.  The review process can be as simple as a few hours or we can dig in and provide database tuning for your system.  If you think you want to work with us, simply schedule a short meeting–normally 30 minutes, to review what you have in mind.

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42 comments on “
  1. nokes says:

    Nice work!

  2. Zacky Hernandez says:

    how can i get the full version??

    • Steve Stedman SteveStedman says:

      The beta version is the full version as far as the features go. After a few more betas, the full version will be available, but its not available yet. Stick with the free beta for now.

  3. Michel says:

    I have one suggestion… It would be great if this tool was somehow expandable by adding your own queries.

    Thanks for the good work.

  4. Andrew says:

    IT would be great if you could type in the window credentials versus passing them through.

    Great tool, thanks so much!

  5. Gordon Pollokoff says:

    Just found this tool and am loving it. Two comments, one a request and the other a possible bug.
    Request: For the Technical debt, it would be nice if one could add additional items.
    Possible Bug: Your query for Big Clustered indexes returns multiples for nvarchar columns. I believe this is due to the query’s inner join between sys.all_columns and sys.types. Sys.types has two entries for system_type_id=231 (nvarchar and sysname)

    • Steve Stedman SteveStedman says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I will look into the big clustered indexes.

      I have been thinking about ways to add additional items to the technical debt. This may be available in a future version.


  6. Steve Stedman SteveStedman says:

    Thanks for reporting the crash. This has been fixed in beta 8.1 which has just been released.

  7. Steve Stedman SteveStedman says:


    Thanks for the feedback. I have updated the exception handling in the charts. This should be resolved in the next beta.


  8. Bill Bergen says:

    Steve…is there any way to take the charts and graphs as well as the data as shown in the gui and simply (via a job) direct them to a folder (say on sharepoint)

  9. BillBergen says:

    As I have said before GREAT PRODUCT. Is there a way to take the outstanding reports shown in the gui and simply drive them as is to a file or sharepoint?

  10. Yusuf says:

    Good work. I have just downloaded and started playing with it. It’s really helpful and handy specially for naïve DBAs who doesn’t know how to play with DMVs. As a production DBA I always want to see the current running queries and their execution plans. I use the following SQL to get the details; I would love to see if this can be integrated with the tool.

    select *,percent_complete,OBJECTID,dbid,SESSION_ID,blocking_session_id,wait_time,wait_type,( SELECT TOP 1 SUBSTRING(s2.text, statement_start_offset / 2, ( (CASE WHEN statement_end_offset = -1 THEN (LEN(CONVERT(nvarchar(max),s2.text)) * 2) ELSE statement_end_offset END) – statement_start_offset) / 2) ), (SELECT query_plan FROM sys.dm_exec_query_plan (plan_handle)) from
    sys.dm_exec_requests s1 CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(sql_handle) AS s2


  11. Dinesh Modi says:

    Hi Steve – Great product, but unfortunately, version 8.1 has expired and the download link from the software does not seem to be working. Are you releasing a new version anytime soon, or if not, can you just please take the expiry checking out?

  12. MDowling says:

    I’ve been working with the tool now since beta 5 and I must say great improvements! When is beta 8.2 or 9.0 to be released?

    Keep up the good work!

  13. mcook says:

    Hi, I have using your app. and find it very useful. It has timed out and will not run. Is there a way to continue to use it?

  14. Steve Stedman SteveStedman says:

    Sorry for the delay. Beta 8.2 has been released with time out message removed.
    See for the latest download.

  15. Del says:

    Nice Monitor!!! For some reasons, after the upgrade, when i click on “connections” It’s shows no connection to the database. Even though i’m connected. Also, when i click the restore chain, ‘show script’ . Nothing was showing up. Advice pls.

  16. deleor says:

    How do we register for the Beta 10?

  17. SYed says:

    its really helpful ,it would be great if it had option to export the report. hope you ll consider it

  18. Bill Bergen says:

    Hi Steve….OUTSTANDING PRODUCT and getting better every day…..have downloaded the January 2015 version and installed. But when I launch it says Beta Version Expired go to the site and get a more recent version…..did that and same version downloads….right now nothing is working…..should I down level to 9.3 to get back into a running state?

  19. Brian Gale says:

    Love the tool. It is all of the features I like from SSMS and scripts I’ve accumulated from all over the place all thrown into 1 nice fancy tool. Thanks a bunch for it.

    I did find one potential bug though. If you pick a SQL instance, click on “Server Connections” then double-click on a database, it brings you back to the “Server Health” page (the very top item on the navigation pane). I expected this to bring me to the “Real Time -> Connections” on the database. Also, having a “back” button (or hotkey) would be an awesome feature. So if I start clicking through all sorts of things in the information view then want to go back I don’t need to re-hunt for what the previous window was.

    That being said, for a free tool, this is AMAZING. I love the tool. In the next few weeks, I am going to be testing the “Historic” and “technical debt” features on test.

  20. The 90 day expiration has been removed now that the product is out of beta.

  21. Pedro Freitas says:

    Hi there. Just installed your application. So far it looks amazing.
    I have two questions. My index fragmentation task is running for the past 5 hours. Is this normal? Programa is not responding
    Second question is if there is any reason i never got any active queries showing.

    Thanks and good job

    • The Index Fragmentation report is the slowest report in the entire product. 5 hours is a bit unusual. Can you email how big are your biggest tables in the database?

  22. Alon Michaeli says:

    I downloaded the product and under the real time – table size th esize is correct but the row count is wrong… I have 46M rows but the report show 140M rows… can you please explain?

  23. Javeed Ahmed says:

    Dear Steve,
    Can we also have the option to generate script to fix the index fragmentations like the way we have the script to fix the statistics.


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