Quick Scan Report – TempDB Showing Growth

The QuickScan Report alerts you when it detects that TempDB is showing growth. What this means is that since your database was started your TempDB has grown in size, which is an indication that your TempDB is not sized large enough initially.

When the TempDB files expand this is a very slow process, which causing blocking. By sizing your TempDB large enough will take slightly longer for SQL Server to start up, but you will reduce the need for it to expand, thus reducing the delay or blocking.

This is a bigger issues on SQL Servers that are restarted often, such as weekly for OS updates, but it can pose performance issues for all SQL Servers that do not have a large enough TempDB at startup.

Need Help

Stedman Solutions, the provider of the Database Health Monitor Application offers consulting solutions, and can help with your database administration issues such as those found with the QuickScan Report, or any other SQL Server needs.

Stedman Solutions for help TempDB only has a single data file