Long Running Queries

Find and fix long running queries from the Database Health Long Running Queries Page.

Double click on the chart, or on any query in the grid to get the Long Running Queries Advisor.

You get to the Long Running Queries page from the Database Overview Page or from the hierarchy tree.

Download the Beta now.

2 comments on “Long Running Queries
  1. Harrie ter Rele says:

    Where can i find how far back in time is the monitoring go, when i don’t have the Historic Reporting configured, is it as long as the SQL instance is running ?

    • If you are not using the historic reporting, then you only have access to the real-time reports. Most of those are pulling from DMVs and other locations that are reset when the instance was restarted, however they don’t all go that far back, some of them are only a “right now” view of the status.


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