Index Fragmentation

The Index Fragmentation report shows the most fragmented indexes for your database.  You can use the Fragmented Indexes Advisor to defragment these indexes.

Fragmented indexes waste disk space, memory, increase backup size, and slow down index access times.  Defragmenting the largest indexes should be a priority if you are looking for optimal performance.


  • DEFINITELY need a configuration for minimum number of pages in a table to bother with fragmentation check/display at all.

    Also, grid output should be sortable (this is an application-wide recommendation – EVERY grid should be sortable by clicking a column, with multi-column sorting a nice addition too).

  • Need configurable options for the various index frag checking parameters

    • Steve Stedman

      Thanks for the suggestion. I have added it to by request tracking system as ticket #112.
      I have been working on some other settings pages for the next beta. I should be able to add your request also.

      Enjoy the product.

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