This Connections Report shows you what sessions are connected to a specific database, and what program they are connecting from. For instance in the below screen shot you can see that there are 5 sessions to the PrimeNumbersDB from a computer called BELIZE.

ConnectionsFrom the grid you can see that the user logged in is Belize\Steve, and you can see when they logged in, and the last time a query was run.

Double clicking on a row in the grid view will take you to the Connections Advisor where you can see the last query run by that session.


Whats a SPID?

The thing that uniquely identifies a session is the SPID.  In SQL Server a SPID is a Server Process ID.  When you open a connection to the database that connection is assigned a SPID.  When you have a query tab open in SQL Server Management Studio, the SPID is shown in parenthesis as part of the tab name.

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