Beta 8.1 is now available (1/19/2014).

Download Beta 8.1 of the Database Health Reports

Beta 8.1 (Version 690):  (January 19, 2014)

  • Download the zip file
  • Open the zip file, and run setup.exe.

Beta 8.1 Release Notes

Beta 8.1 (version 690) Released 1/19/2014.

  • Beta 8.1 was release to fix some obsolete code from a very old beta that causes the application to expire on Feb 1st.
  • Beta 8.1 also added some better error handling.
  • Fixed crash on minimizing the app.
  • Bug fixed in crash reporting.
  • Historic plan cache history chart had too many items in it.  Updated to have hourly data for the last week.

The following changes have been made since Beta 7. The big feature in the Beta 8 is the rewrite of many of the charts.

New Features

  • Renamed to Database Health Monitor, attempting to avoid confusion with SSRS Reports.
  • Additional checks for obsolete or unusual settings (SHRINK_DATABASE, TORN_PAGE_DETECTION).
  • Blocking reporting with hierarchical drilldown on the blocking queries.
  • Server details panel showing logical and physical cpu counts, SQL Server Start time, SQL Server install data, Server Name, SQL Server version info, and information on real or virtual server.

Bug Fixes

  • Multithreading the re-connect of databases, vastly improving the startup time if one or more databases is not available.
  • A large amount of the project has been refactored to help mature the product and allow for additional feature growth, and reduce bugs.
  • Improved background threading.
  • Updates and bug fixes on SQL Technical Debt.

If you have used a previous version of the database health reports, just download this version and install over the previous version.

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