Raving Fans

Add a comment below if you like the Database Health Reports and have something to rave about.  Raves on this page generally speed up the development team.

If you haven’t tried the Database Health program yet give it a try for free on the download page.


One of the goals behind Database Health Monitor is to have many extremely happy customers, those customers are called Raving Fans.

8/8/2017 – Comment in a support request.

Firstly great product, especially at no cost. Really helping me out at the moment. … Anyway simply great

8/7/2017 – Comment by email.

Thx, loving this app.

8/6/2017 – Comment regarding a support ticket.

Thank you very much for the great tool and responsiveness.

7/13/2017 – Comment by email

Hi. I just downloaded your tool after one of my colleagues showed it to me (he was jumping up and down). I have to tell you it is terrific. I was thrilled to have the “technical debt” analysis, even though it would be nice to be able to change the threshold of stored procedure length, but I honestly don’t have time to go through all my team’s code to see what we can improve on and this is just what I needed. The index information and other server analysis tools are also great.

Thanks for taking the time to contribute this to the community

Have a great day,


7/10/2017 – Comment by email

Hi Steve,

Your DB Health Monitor is an great app. In the first moment I was impressed by the work which is hidden behind… I would like to have it close, as a guardian and as a good adviser, now, in the future as well.

Thank you for your efforts and for make the results available for everyone which may need such kind of support. It is pretty rarely such kind of behavior. […]

All my respects for your work and dedication!

7/3/2017 – Comment on the DatabaseHealth.com site.

I am enjoying the tool because its free and my organisation can’t afford third party tools. [….]Thanks

5/24/2017 – Comment by email

Hi Steve:
Thanks for looking into this! I love Database Health Monitor and use it daily. It’s awesome.

2/24/2017 – Comment on my blog.

Hi Steve!
Just want to say thanks for making this tool free (Database Health Monitor).
First time installing and it’s a GREAT tool to get to know the environment!
Thank you so much for releasing this to the SQL Community! 🙂

2/15/2017 – Comment Via Email

I would like to thank you for sharing this product with us free.

I have installed and using health monitor on my production DB.

very very nice…. Thank you so very much. I hope you will keep adding more features in this product.

Well done


8/7/2016 – Comment via LinkedIn.

I have been using your database health tool,it is amazing. Thank you so much for all the help you provide to the community.

Thanks Javeed

8/3/2016 – Comment via email.

Just want to let you know that your tool is great time saver our Corporate tool for Monitoring broke after I upgraded my SQL database 2012 to SP3, your works until they get it back, but it is really a gap fill to the corporate tool.

7/30/2016 – Comment on the Database Health Feedback page.

Fantastic tool that keeps getting better.

7/29/2016 – Comment on the Database Health Feedback page.

New version looks great, works more smoothly than ever and has some really great features!

7/20/2016 – Rave on on LinkedIn from Naveed.

Thanks Steve your tool (Database Health Monitor) is fantastic.

6/28/2016 – Rave on blog post at SteveStedman.com from Brian

This is the best SQL tool since SSMS! For doing some of my day-to-day tasks, this has made things SO much easier.

Love the new version and am excited to see the new features in future releases, although I am not sure what else you could really add.

12/23/2015 – Rave on the Database Health website.

Excellent – It’s the first tool I open every morning to see what is going on in my production environment! Thanks for the great work!

12/13/2015 – Rave on the Database Health website.

I ‘m using Database Health Monitor in my production environment, and for me is the tool I used ever. You are making life of thousands of DBA’s better.

9/9/2015 – Rave on Database Health website.

New version looks great, works more smoothly than ever and has some really great features!

9/9/2015 – Rave via Twitter

@SqlEmt I can say it is simply awesome tool.. Can we use the tool freely on our business servers ?

My response:
Yes @RP_RATNA The Database Health Monitor is totally free. Not just an
evaluation, but full featured free.  http://DatabaseHealth.com/Download.

8/26/2015 – From the suggest a feature page.

Love the program overall though. Loading up activity monitor in SSMS can take upwards of 5 minutes on busy servers; in Database Health it shows that information almost instantly.
I recommend your program to all the DBA’s that I know.

8/8/2015 – From Twitter


hey SqlEmt I just showed DHM (Database Health Monitor) to a couple of friends at work yesterday and they loved it too!

8/5/2015 – Blog comment at DatabaseHealth.com

It’s the first time I see so many useful DMVs packed together in a easy way!

-Rui Bastos


6/12/2015 – Blog comment to the databasehealth.com main page.

Love the tool. It is all of the features I like from SSMS and scripts I’ve accumulated from all over the place all thrown into 1 nice fancy tool. Thanks a bunch for it.

That being said, for a free tool, this is AMAZING. I love the tool.

6/9/2015 – Blog comment to the download page.

Thanks for the great product Steve, you make our lives so much easier, thanks for all the time and effort you put into making our lives easier.

6/3/2015 – Rave sent by email from a customer.

To be honest with you, this is the best tool I have ever come across. I used Idera SQL DM in the past. Currently, I use RedGate monitor in the production environment. And yet, the level of detail you get from DBH Monitor is far better than any other tool. None of the so-called free tools have multi-server monitoring capability. Now using your tool, I am monitoring more than 22 servers in the lab..


5/28/2015 – Rave sent by email from a customer.

just so you know your work is OUTSTANDING AND EXCELLENT….I USE DATABASE HEALTH ALL THE TIME……would love to know how you get the fragmentation numbers so fast because when I use the ms DMVs it takes a bunch of time…..



5/6/2015 – Rave sent by email from a customer.

As I said on the FAQ for Database Health —-OUTSTANDING PRODUCT…..
You are a true, blue genius……you have done are continuing to do a GREAT job with Database Health.

2/2/2015 – Rave sent by email from a registered customer.

Thanks! It’s an amazing utility to have on hand. I’m the only DBA in our small two person IT shop but I’ve spread the word about how helpful it is.

2/2/2015 – Rave via Database Health website.

Now, I must tell you, this is one of the best tool I’ve used.

1/27/2015 – Rave via Twitter

Yavuz Filizlibay ‏@YavuzFilizlibay
Perfect program databasehealth.com thank you @DatabaseHealth @SqlEmt

1/13/2015 – Rave from Twitter

@veloceronte - San Diego, CA
Steve, just downloaded your tool. It rocks!

11/28/2013 – Rave from Twitter

@SqlEmt's #DatabaseHealth showed 5 LongRunningQueries, @SQL_Sentry's
#PlanExplorer identified #KeyLookups, a bit of Index Consolidation 
and execution time went down from 2 mins to 2 secs! Thank you for the

10/11/2013 – Beta 7 Rave

Hi, I think your project is AMAZING.

9/28/2013 – Beta 7 Rave

The only thing I would like to see is the ability to print 
out the report on the screen. I use this in my meetings and right 
now have to take screen shots.

9/20/2013 – Beta 7 Rave – From Twitter

Just downloaded Database Health created by @SqlEmt So far 
#excellent work and thanks for sharing with the community.

9/17/2013 – Beta 7 Rave

I was working on building my own application (for learning 
purposes and for practical use) and came across your app. Very 
nice application! Nice Application!

9/8/2013 – Beta 7 Rave

I really dig being able to view the code by double-clicking 
it in the “Debt By Object”

9/6/2013 – Beta 7 Rave

that’s pretty dang cool!  
(Referring to the SQL Technical Debt analysis).

9/2/2013 – Beta 7 Rave

Excuse my language but that's bloody amazing - it's 
instant! Wow, good work :)
The entire application is so much more responsive, can't 
believe it. The new colour is fantastic too, really changes 
the whole 'quality' feel of the application.

8/29/2013 – Beta 6 Rave

First of all I would like to thank 
you for a great tool.
I’m using it to monitor >70 instances 
and over 7000 databases.

8/28/2013 – Beta 6 Rave

The Beta 6 is an excellent tool to monitor our production 
databases. Congratulations, and thank you very much!

8/7/2013 – Beta 6 Rave – on twitter

I'm using a really great SQL Server monitoring tool. and it's free!

8/6/2013 – Beta 6 Rave – on twitter

Just downloaded it myself and gave it a try. Awesome program!

7/17/2013 – Beta 6 Rave

The software is really good, I am using very 
regularly to audit and performance tune the SQL 
instances that I administer. Managed to knock a 
third of a large SSIS pipeline's runtime just from 
using the historic waits section today.

7/8/2013 – Beta 6 Rave

Really like the product it is extremely helpful.

9/27/2012 – Beta 1 Rave

I’ve installed the Beta 1 version and like it a lot.

9/28/2012 – Beta 1 Rave

You and your team have done some really nice work.

If you haven’t tried the Database Health program yet give it a try for free on the download page.

18 comments on “Raving Fans
  1. baine werny says:

    Very cool Steve/team!

  2. Michael says:

    I love it. Saves me from having to do a lot of extra work. My DB are running faster than ever because I’m able to keep a close eye on tuning. Thanks

    • Steve Stedman SteveStedman says:

      Michael, Thanks for the kind words. My goal of the Database Health Reports is to one day have thousands of DB’s running faster. Thanks for the feedback!!!!

      -Steve Stedman
      Founder Database Health Reports

  3. Michael says:

    I’ve designed and built a data warehouse for a hospital. We pull data in from our Electronic Medical Recored (5 minutre updates), quality systems (several), outside vendors, financial systems and government systems. So, lots of updates and lots of users.
    This has saved me a lot of time. Just yesterday, the operational DBA’s who administer the data warehouse for the EMR (purchases) wanted to know why my system ran queries so fast and theirs doesn’t. I pointed toward tuning and design. You have helped a lot with the tuning.

  4. Si says:

    We are using this free tool as opposed to the paid one we have. Fast, responsive, and full featured…feel guilty even asking for another feature…but would love to see a reporting or output feature. Sorry for asking anything more from this amazing tool and team!

  5. Marques says:

    I ‘m using Database Health Monitor in my production enviroment, and for me is the tool I used ever. You are making life of thousands os DBA’s better.

  6. Mark says:

    Excellent – It’s the first tool I open every morning to see what is going on in my production environment! Thanks for the great work!

  7. Denis. Moscow, Russia says:

    Great App! I use it every day. Thank you for your work!

  8. Michael Stanton says:


    Besides enjoying the layout of your app, one thing I really like about the Quick Scan Report is each entry has a corresponding link that discusses the finding so I can go back and review recommendations, cautions, etc.

  9. jamessdba says:

    Thanks Steve your tool (Database Health Monitor) is fantastic Really very very helpful thanks for it

  10. Frank (Texas) says:

    Outstanding app. Already referred it to several friends in the field.

  11. jorge suquillo says:

    It helps me a lot in my database performance monitoring activities

  12. Matt Lee says:

    I use this daily and its one of the best free tools i have ever used, and i appreciate the work that is put into this application. i have used it multiple times for prod performance problems and its dashboards to show management certain aspects of my db servers. thanks again steve this product is amazing

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