Quick Scan Report – No Recent Backups

The Quick Scan Report checks all your databases to see if they have backups or not. All those databases with no recent backups will be listed in the Quick Scan Report.


2 comments on “Quick Scan Report – No Recent Backups
  1. Christopher Land says:

    Quick question. Do we really need to include tempdb in the CheckDB Status?

    Christopher Land
    Southern Illinois Healthcare

    • Christopher,

      Thats a great question. There is a great deal of debate around whether you should run CheckDB against TempDB.

      I have heard some arguments that say “It doesn’t matter if we check TempDB for corruption, because it gets recreated every time we restart the instance.” That is simply not true, if you have corruption in your tempDB data files, you need to stop the sql instance, delete the temp db files, and restart the instance to get rid of the corruption.

      Others have said “you will know when you have corruption in tempDB because your SQL Server will just crash and stop running.” This isn’t true either, sometimes corruption in TempDB can lead to degraded performance on the server, and you may run this way for some time without knowing.

      I spent part of the day yesterday working on a client computer that had a corrupt tempDB. Regular CheckDb on TempDB would have alerted them to this issue several weeks ago, and it could have been resolved at that point, but without regular checks on TempDB, you just don’t know if it is good or not.

      I prefer to regularly run checkDB against CheckDB to help eliminate these kind of headaches. Its not perfect, it only runs a physical_only scan when tempDB is checked, and it is usually pretty quick, but it is worth knowing if you have a problem.

      What are your thoughts on this?

      -Steve Stedman

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