Database Overview

The Database Overview shows summary information for the following with links to the exact details for every item.  The purpose of this page is to give you a dashboard view of many areas that could be causing performance issues.

You get to the database overview report by expanding the SQL Server in the tree view on the left side of the screen, then just clicking on a database name.

Clicking on the different sections of the Database Real Time Overview allow you to drill down on the details behind that section of the report.


The database overview report is part of the Database Health Monitor application created by Steve Stedman of Stedman Solutions, LLC. Database Health Monitor is a free application that can be downloaded from



3 comments on “Database Overview
  1. TheSQLGuru says:

    Recommend parameter (and default to) sorting database names alphabetically. Also have a folder for system databases to seperate them from main list.

    Speaking of configurations, where/how/can you configure anything in the app?

  2. TheSQLGuru says:

    Need configuration option for refresh interval. It would be nice to also be able to control scale of moving charts.

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