Obsolete Page Verify Option

Obsolete Page Verify Option


It is recommended to use CHECKSUM for your database Page Verify Option.  The options TORN_PAGE_DETECTION is obsolete.

Example Code

The following T-SQL can be used to check for the page_verify_option for all the databases on your SQL Server instance.

SELECT page_verify_option_desc as Verify, name
 FROM sys.databases
WHERE page_verify_option_desc <> 'CHECKSUM';

How Do We Fix it?

This can be fixed using the SSMS user interface by right clicking on the database in the object explorer, choosing properties, then clicking the options page in the Properties dialog.  From there scroll down to the recovery page and change the setting to CHECKSUM then clicking OK.


Another option is to change the setting with T-SQL.


Replace databaseName with the name of your database.

2 comments on “Obsolete Page Verify Option
  1. Daniel says:

    Enabling checksum calculation will not reduce Server’s / Storage speed ?

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