Data Or Log On C Drive

Having Database files or Log files on the C Drive is a risk in that if your C Drive runs out of space it may crash, and possible have difficulty booting again.

For example if you have a limited amount of disk space free on the C Drive, and you do something that chews up a lot of log space, for instance defragmenting a bunch of indexes, then you could end up filling up the C Drive which would cause the OS to crash, and possibly not boot.

It is suggested that you partition the drive so that the OS has an allocated amount of space, and that the database (for instance the D: or E: drive) has a fixed amount of space, and that as the database grows, you don’t risk crashing the OS.  Sure running out of disk space on the database drive is bad, but it is sure not as bad as having a server that you can no longer boot.

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