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Steve Stedman

The Database Health project was created by Steve Stedman.

Steve Stedman

Rather than duplicating my bio here, just click through to my personal website

My plan…

Over the next 1 to 2 years I plan to add to the Database Health Reports, update the Database Health Reports, and grow the Database Health Reports, until it becomes the industry standard tool for DBA’s to use to help get their job done every day.

For the next 3 to 6 months I will be releasing a new Beta release of the project about every 45 to 60 days depending on bug fixing and new features that I add into the project.  Each of these Beta downloads will be free.


  1. Clyde Farrugia

    Hi, I think your project is AMAZING. By any chance, it’s not open source, right? I’d really like to do some modifications to it to be able to make this stuff in a service and send me alerts !

    • SteveStedman

      Thanks for the feedback. Sorry, but no its not open source. Alerts is something that I am working on for a future version.

  2. majid maleki

    hi,i enjoy your program.thanks a lot.i hope to continue develop your program.

  3. John Benes

    I just found your tool and really love it. I’m using beta version How do I interpret the green and red bars that scroll across the screen?

    Thank you,

    • SteveStedman

      When the bar is red, it indicates that it is unchanged, or changed for the worse. Green indicates that the number has improved.

  4. Fred Botts

    My version has expired. When is the next version going to be made available?

  5. Akili

    Hi Steve,
    I have installed Database Health Monitor Version 2.4.5 and tried to run couple of reports…. but I keep getting this message:
    I/O by database may take a moment, Please stand by…. I tried to wait for an hour but nothing changed. It looks like all the reports with I/O and memory are not loading. Is this a known issue?. I tried to test on both SQL 2008R2/2012

  6. Todd

    Hello Steve,

    Is the license agreement listed on the site for review?


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